Every 365 days or so


Every 365 days or so, singles hope: “Maybe, this year… I’ll find or be found by love.” Well, most anyways: A few champs heroically throw their arms wide to contentment— or they toss their heads and lie, “I’m free and happy. Who needs marriage?”

And then, the year ends.

We feel silly: Why ever did we hope this year would bring anything different? Something dies a little as, again, the calendar flips and the countdown with no end continues.

Given conversations I’ve had with some of you, I think— well, I’m not the only one who aches as the year winds down.

And, what to offer?

Platitudes? “Wait. And wait some more. And wait even more. It’s worth it. God will bless you. Someday—” …and you’re already scrolling away

Bitterness? You’re bitter enough.

An invitation to “Singles Forever Club”? Your application was accepted years ago and membership is declining and you’re looking like the last one standing.

Can I— can I just say the truth?

Truth is gonna sound like platitudes. It stings, like peroxide swabbed on scratches. But it works too, killing infection, healing what hurts— gradually, as the pricks and bubbles go deep.

The truth is…

God has really got you. And He really gets you.

It’s easy to feel forgotten by God, passed up as He hands out marriage awards to seemingly-less-deserving persons. Because, ultimately, if you walk with Christ, your biggest beef isn’t with elusive Mr. Right…but with the One Who says He’s right for you.

Some days, we wonder if He knows what’s best.

But we forget this—
God created marriage.
God authored family.
And God formed us…me, you.

He’s not surprised by your longing. He gets you— you can really trust Him. He created those good aches for good purposes. And He’s got you smack in the middle of His good plan. But, remember this: That plan isn’t about your satisfaction— it’s about His greater glory. Not just your someday love story, but your singleness now too.

Listen up: Singleness is a bold chance to—
and better testify to
the steadfastness of God’s love.

Live it. Taste and see the Lord is good. We will find and be found by Love this year.

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